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SQL Anywhere for Mac OS X
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Why look at SQL Anywhere for data-driven Mac OS X applications?

Ingredients for an Exceptional User Experience

If you develop software that provides unique, intuitive solutions to end-users, then SQL Anywhere is the data management option for you.

The simple and elegant design of Apple’s Mac OS X is easy to use and intuitive for new users, and provides powerful features for professionals. When Mac OS X applications are powered by Adaptive Server Anywhere, you can provide data-centric solutions for end-users with rich data content that can be navigated easily without stumbling on traditional database “nuances”.

SQL Anywhere Server is an enterprise class database designed to offer many features that enable data-centric applications to seamlessly access a feature-rich database, without the end-user knowing what a database is or that a database is being accessed. Traditional database systems require administration of database files and memory. SQL Anywhere Server offers dynamic file management and dynamic cache sizing, reducing administration efforts for deployed applications. Developers can take advantage of advanced features such as scheduling and triggers to mass deploy a database solution or embed a database with near zero-user administration consistent with the expectations of Mac OS X users.

Image is everything. Typically, Mac OS X environments include rich graphic content to enrich the user experience. Often, these graphics need to be stored and retrieved quickly. This is particularly true for Web applications with an abundance of graphic content. It may be appropriate to store these images or sounds in the database for safekeeping and quick access within a Web-based or standard application.

Interoperability and Flexibility

Too often you find solutions that are not expansive enough for your enterprise needs. Companies today need integration facilities within products that support other platforms and grow with business requirements. To do this you need support for heterogeneous data sources. Using SQL Anywhere for Mac OS X, you can synchronize Mac OS X solution data with non-Mac OS X native databases if the need arises. This synchronization technology offers enterprises the ability to completely integrate Mac OS X applications into heterogeneous enterprises systems. Using SQL Anywhere for Mac OS X, you can provide data-centric solutions that provide online and offline access with the ability to integrate with other legacy systems.

SQL Anywhere Server provides Web service support native to the database server. Introduced in version 9.0.0, the SQL Anywhere Server HTTP server allows you to expose Web services, increasing accessibility and reducing development efforts. The client/server architecture of SQL Anywhere Server includes automatic server discovery that increases usability and decreases connection issues.

Rich Developer Tool Set

SQL Anywhere includes developer productivity tools to decrease the time to market for the end-user solution.

Sybase Central
Sybase Central is a database management tool that provides a comprehensive view and control of SQL Anywhere Server database settings, properties, and utilities in a graphical user interface, as well as providing administration over MobiLink synchronization.

Interactive SQL
You can use Interactive SQL for the following purposes:

  • Testing SQL statements that you plan to include in an application
  • Obtaining performance information about SQL statements (Query Execution Plans)
  • Loading data into a database and carrying out administrative tasks
  • Browsing the information in a database including table, column and stored procedure look-ups
  • Additionally there are wizards Index Consultant, Query Editor, and Importing and Exporting Data
  • Running command files or script files

The Console utility provides administration and monitoring facilities for database server connections.

DBLauncher is a graphical tool for launching database servers. This tool is ideal for getting familiar with personal database servers or network database servers.

SyncLauncher is a graphical tool for launching synchronization components such as the MobiLink Client for SQL Anywhere Server, the MobiLink synchronization server, and SQL Remote. This tool is ideal for getting started with SQL Anywhere synchronization features.

MobiLink Monitor
The MobiLink Monitor is a MobiLink administration tool that provides you with detailed information about the performance of your synchronizations.

Programming Interfaces
SQL Anywhere for Mac OS X supports a variety of interfaces, including JDBC, ODBC, Perl, and PHP that enable developers to create rich solutions with a variety of development tools.

See Mac OS Developer Resources for further information.

"What Our Customers Say…"

“We are thrilled to be partnering with iAnywhere. SQL Anywhere fits very well into the Servoy philosophy of incredible power coupled with ease-of-use. It is very fast—three times faster than the previous database we shipped with our 1.2 product. SQL Anywhere is also ideal for embedding into our application because it’s very easy to maintain, self-tuning and has high performance right out of the box.”

Jan Aleman


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