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Sybase and HP

HP and Sybase provide innovative solutions for business intelligence, data integration infrastructure, financial services, and mobility.


Data Aggregation is the collection of data from multiple sources to provide customer-facing data services. Sybase IQ is uniquely suited for collecting large volumes of data from different sources, providing very fast processing of customer queries including complex analysis for large numbers of users and the business imperative to increase the amount of information and the number of users.

Why HP?

  • Sybase IQ and HP Integrity computing platforms provide a mission-critical infrastructure, from entry-class to Superdome that delivers unsurpassed performance and total cost of ownership.
  • Utilizing the unique Sybase IQ technology, data is compressed by as much as 70%, reducing storage costs while HP StorageWorks arrays offer unmatched price/performance.
  • The HP Integrity family of servers provides leading virtualization with HP Virtual Server Environment and supports multiple operating systems—including the most available UNIX® (HP-UX 11i). That's why HP Integrity is the most trusted.

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