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Advantage Web Platform


Customer’s today demand access to data well beyond the desktop. They need access from more locations and more devices than ever before, whether from at mobile device, tablet, internet kiosk, or at home customers expect information at their convenience. The Advantage Web Platform is designed to help provide easy access to your data in any situation.

The Advantage Web Platform is a Sybase provided web service that allows “client-less” access to Advantage data from any device and development environment that can make internet (HTTP) calls. This includes but is not limited to devices such as desktop/laptops, mobile phones, PDAs, and tablets. It allows access from any current operating system including Macintosh as no Advantage client is required. Essentially, the Advantage Web Platform extends your application and opens up endless possibilities to access Advantage from many different types of architectures, hardware, and business scenarios.

The Advantage Web Platform is a web service packaged and built on a stand-alone light Apache Web Server module. It is written with industry standard technology, like the ODATA protocol, to make development and integration easy.

Advantage Web Platform Getting Started Guide
For more information, example code and videos click here.

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